China Travel Guide – China EYEWITNESS TRAVEL GUIDE


Book Description

The DK travel guide helps you to get the most out of your trip to China, providing expert recommendations as well as detailed practical information. The opening chapter Introducing China maps the country and sets it in its historical and cultural context. Each of the seven regional sections is divided into area chapters that cover from one to three provinces each. Here you will find descriptions of the most important sights with maps, pictures and illustrations. Hotel and restaurant recommendations can be found in Travelers Needs . The Survival Guide contains practical information on everything from transport personal safety.

Customer Reviews

* The Eyewitness guide has a massive amount of beautiful photographs and illustrations that help give the traveler an idea of the sights he or she can choose from, which is very important–unless you have a year or so to spare, planning a trip to China is as much about choosing what NOT to see as it is choosing what to see. – Charles E. Stevens

* DK has again produced a fantastic guide – this time for all of China. While it is not definitive, and in know way can be, it covers an amazinginly large portion of the country, in good detail, and with DK’s signature photographs. I saw many pictures in here of places in China I’d never seen before, and made me want to explore more of the country. – J. Beardsley

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