Mosques and Shrines of Karnataka

One of the earliest mosques in India, Jumma Masjid of Bijapur was built by Adil Shah. It has a beautiful ‘mihrab’, covered by a heavy curtain. Here is an exquisite copy of the Koran, written in gold.

Khwaza Bande Nawaz Dargah, probably the most important monument in Gulbarga, is the tomb of the great Sufi saint, Khwaza Syed Mohammed Gesu Daraz, popularly known as Khwaza Bande Nawaz. The highly-venerated Dargah is the venue of an annual ‘Urs’, which is attended by both Hindus and Muslims.

The Solah Masjid or the Zenani masjid, built in 1423 AD by Prince Mohammed, is the oldest Muslim building in Bidar, and among the largest in India.

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