Kolkata Tourist Places, Beaches and Travel Attractions

Kolkata, the largest city of the subcontinent and metropolis of India, was the creation of the British raj. It has enshrined in, its history the rise and setting of the sun of British Indian empire. If India was the jewel in the British Crown, Kolkata was its pearl. Job Charnok is believed to be the actual founder of this port city.

Kolkata is a giant, over-populated and ever growing so fast that very soon the census figures are out dated. It has been groaning under its own weight. Its turmoil’s and problems are in direct proportion to its giantess. It is a big city of unmanageable crowds, demonstrations, political unrest, knotted traffic with electric trams, taxis, cars, two wheelers, buses, bullock carts & hand-pulled rickshaws. Its grandeur is today somewhat dog-eared, its environs stifling, and sticky yet you cannot be indifferent to it. Despite its apparent decay, hunger, poverty and injured dignity, Kolkata remains forever a great centre of art, culture, trade and commerce and intellectual pursuits. The city has many monuments like Howrah Bridge, Victoria etc.

Places of Interest

Historical Places: BBD Bagh (Dalhousie Square), Writers building, Raj Bhawan, G.P.O. Fort William, Kolkata High Court, Shaheed Minar (Ochteriony Monument), Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Kolkata Gallery.

Museum, Planetaurims and Libraries: Asiatic Society, Indian Museum, Asutosh Museum of Modern Art, Nehru Children’s museum, Netaji Museum, Gurusaday Museum, Academy of coins & History, Postal Museum, Birla Academy of Art & culture, Birla Industrial & Technical Museum, Birla Planetauriam, Science City, National Library.

Places of Worship: Belur Math, Dakshiniswar Kali temple, Kali Ghat, Kali Temple, Swatambar Jain Temple, Birla Temple, Armenian Church, St. Paul Cathedral, St. James Church, St. John’s Church, Nakhoda Mosque.

Gardens and Parks: Botanical Garden, Horticultural Gardens, Zoological Gardens, The Maiden, Ravindra Sarover, Aquatica, Nicco Park.

Stadium and Sport Complexes: Eden Garden, Netaji Indoor Stadium, Yoga Bharti Krirangan (Salt Lake Sports Stadium), Race-Course.

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