India Climate and Rainfall

India has four climatic seasons. Winter is from December to February. The hot weather season is from March to May. The South-West Monsoon, or the rainy season, is from June to September. And the post-monsoon season, which is the north east monsoon in South India, is from October-November.

India Climate and RainfallRainfall in India tends to be variable. The north-eastern region, the western slopes of the Western Ghats and part of the Himalayas have very heavy rainfall, receiving over 2000 mm annually. The eastern part of the peninsula, extending up to the northern plains, receives rainfall varying from 1,000 to 2,000 mm a year, while the area from Western Deccan up to the Punjab plains gets between 100 mm and 500 mm a year. Rajasthan, Kachchh and Ladakh have hardly any rainfall.

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