India in Creativity – Indian Arts and Crafts

Madhubani PaintingIndia has abundant of creativity in arts and crafts. Whether it is a building or decoration, by way of ornamental carving, inlay work, stucco work or creation of sculptures in stone, metal, wood or terracotta, high level of attainment can be seen from ancient time to modern days.

Even folk paintings, like Madhubani of Bihar, Warli paintings of Maharashtra, Pata painting of Orissa are valuable treasures. Floors are decorated with Rangoli in Maharashtra, Rangavalli in Karnataka, Kallam in Tamil Nadu, Mandana in Madya Pradesh, Alpana in West Bengal and Aipana in Uttaranchal.

Rich tradition of embroidery, carpet weaving, bead work, filigree, jewellery making, appliqué work, papier mache, metal ware, etc. also represent another important aspect of Indian heritage.

Rich heritage of Indian textiles can be best seen in Patola sari of Gujarat, Kanchipuram silk, Banaras brocade, Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh, Pochampalli of Andhra Pradesh and Ikat of Orissa.

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