Haryana Tourist Places and Travel Attractions

Haryana is a region rich in historical and cultural tradition. It is a land whose hard-working people have made it an area of agricultural and industrial plenty. But the same people have strived equally hard to make it also a state the tourist can enjoy. And its department of tourism is one of the country’s success stories.

It once was a part of Punjab but since November 1, 1996, on split of Punjab, has been a separate state of India Union. The Haryana, today, presents a picture of plenty in terms of industry, agriculture and tourism. Although there are not many tourist attraction in the state and does not inherit any picturesque grandeur, Haryanas have built a series of ‘service centre’ along the main roads that make it a tourist’s delight. The hotel, restaurant – service station complexes named after birds found in the state make traveling through the area more enjoyable. However, one has to pass through Haryana when traveling to almost any major attraction in North India – Agra, Jaipur, Amritsar – from Delhi.

Nonetheless, there remain few more religiously and historically important places like Kurukshetra and Panipat. Haryana is also fast emerging as the preferred for multinational Companies’ offices due to its proximity to India Capital – New Delhi. Haryana has been the cradle of vedic civilization. There are many laudatory references to its rivers and places in early Indian literature. It is widely believed that mythological river – Saraswati – flowed through this state. It is also believed that Kamayaka van and Dvaita van, which found their mention in Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’ where also situated here on the banks of river Saraswati. It is also believed that ‘Pandavas – Kauravas’ battle of Mahabharat peroid was also fought at Kurukshetra, Haryana.

When to visit: October to March

Airports: Chandigarh, Hisar, Jind, Karnal, Narnaul, Bhiwani, Pinjore

Places of Interest

Ambala: Sikh pilgrim centre.

Badkhal Lake: Picnic spot, Boating, Fishing.

Bhiwani: Temples, Stately homes, Jwellery.

Chandigarh: Capital of State.

Dharuhera: Halfway House (Delhi – Jaipur), Industrial centre.

Faridabad: Industrial centre.

Gurgaon: Industrial centre.

Sultanpur: Bird sanctuary, Migratory birds, Season – November to February.

Hathni Kund (Tajewala): Fishing.

Kalesar: Wildlife sanctuary

Hisar: Places, Mosques, Fort, Livestock centre.

Hansi: Historic town, Fort, Temples.

Hodal: Halfway house (Delhi – Agra).

Jhajjar: Ancient town, Palace, Museum. Major contributor of men of Indian Army, Gurukul.

Jind: Palace.

Karnal: Historic walled town, Livestock centre.

Chakravarty Lake: Picnic spot, Boating, Fishing.

Kurukshetra: Historical town, Pilgrim centre, Temples, Sacred tank.

Morni: Hill station, Bir Shikargah Wildlife sanctuary.

Narnaul: Antiquities.

Panipat: Historic town, Babar’s Mosque and Tank, Tombs.

Pehowa: Hindu pilgrim centre, Temples.

Pinjaur: 17th Century Gardens, Boating.

Rohtak: Boating, Wrestling centre, Excavations.

Samalkha: Halfway House (Delhi – Amritsar).

Sohna: Sulphur springs, Spa.

Surajkund: Temple ruins, Forts nearby, Boating Fishing.

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