Gujarat Tourist Places and Travel Attractions

Gujarat is home to the culture of every race drawn to India, also a strong hold of Jainism. It is also a land of a gentle, dignified people, astute businessmen, colorful peasants and thriving Industry. Here too live the last of the Asian lions.

Long beaches, mighty Gir lions, intricately carved temples, colorful fairs and festivals and the most exquisite and artistic handicrafts characterize Gujarat.

The state of Gujarat is rightly called the ‘Jewel of the West’. It has several tourist attractions like the Gir Lion Sanctuary, The Jain Temples cluster at Palitana and many more. The state is also home to Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy from Porbander to Rajkot and Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Ashram to the sait beaches of Dandi. Traditional festivals are a major attraction and the traditional crafts of Gujarat make excellent buys. Gujarat at the same time is also one of India, blending harmoniously an ancient heritage with a vibrant present.

When to visit: October to March

Airports: Ahmadabad, Bhavnagar, Vadodara, Bhuj, Jamnagar, Keshod, Rajkot, Porbander, Kandla, Surat.

Places of Interest

Ahemdabad: Industrial (Textile) centre, Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram, Temples, Mosques, Forts, Museums, Lake, Zoo, Tombs.

Gandhinagar: Capital of State

Ambaji: Pilgrim centre, Folk drama, Shakti cult.

Anand: Model Dairy Project.

Bhavnagar: Temples, Museums, Port, Lake, Gardens.

Bhuj: Handicrafts, Temples, Museums, Gateway to Kachchh.

Chorwad: Beach, Holiday centre and resort.

Dhaboi: Temple ruins, Fort, Hindu military Architecture.

Dakor: Temple.

Dwarka: One of the four most sacred Hindu pilgrim centers, Temple, Beach, Lighthouse.

Gir Forest: Gir National Park Season – September to May.

Jamnagar: Palaces, Forts, Temples, Pearl fisheries, Ayurvedic College, museums, Lake, sea-fishing, Picnic spots, Tie-and-Dye sarees, Handicrafts, Solarium.

Junagadh: Hindu, Jain and Muslim pilgrim centre at Datar nearby, Ashoka’s rock edicts.

Kandla: Major port, planned satellite city of Gandhidham is 19 km away.

Kotishwar: Pilgrim centre, Beach, Narayan Sarovar Lake.

Lothal: Harappan age excavations.

Mahesana: Dairy centre.

Modhera: Sun temple, Indian Art and Architecture.

Nal Sarovar: Nal Sarovar Sanctuary: Lake site bird sanctuary, Season- November to march.

Palitana: Jain pilgrim centre, exquisite Temples, Muslim shrine of Angar Pir

Patan: Patola handlooms, Ancient capital, Jain temples, Wood Carvings.

Pavagadh: Hindu pilgrim centre, Hill station, Forts, Temples, Mosques, Palaces, Ancient Capital.

Porbandar: Birthplace of Gandhi, Temples, Palaces, Beach.

Rajkot: Gandhiji’s home, Palaces, Museums.

Saputara: Hill resort, Adivasi tribal villages, Ahwa Durbar in March, Parks, Lake, Boating.

Shamlaji: Hindu pilgrim centre, Temple Architecture.

Sulkatirth: Hindu pilgrim centre, Kabirwad River Island and Giant Banyan tree.

Somnath: Major Hindu pilgrim centre, Beach, Temples.

Surat: Zari thread work, Brocades, vast Textile Market, Diamond cutting, Forts, Mosques at Dander, Jain Temples, colonial Buildings, Ancient port.

Tithal: Beach, Holiday home.

Vadodara: Palaces, Museums, Art Gallery, Parks, Planetarium, Mausoleum, Velavadar: National Park.

Veraval: Beach.

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