Bihar Tourist Places and Travel Attractions

Bihar consist of the ruins of buildings consecrated to a great world religion that was first bequeathed to the world here, these remains of ancient Buddhist sites and monuments making this a land for the pilgrim. This land of the pilgrim is also home of many aboriginal tribes and is a fascinating land of visitors seeking holidays off-the beaten track.

It gets its name from Vihara or Buddhist monastery, as this is the land from where the great religion of Buddism started and spread all over the world. Bihar is bounded by Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Nepal. The state has very ancient, glorious colorful history. Some of the great rulers and dynasties which held way over the region before the Christian era include Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka the great of the mauryan dynasty; Bibi sara, Udayin, who founded the city of patliputra; the sunglas; Kanvas and Kushan rulers followed by Chandragupta Vikramditya of Gupta dynasty. Great religion flourished here, and was important centre of learning, where students from all over the world came to study.

When to visit: October to March

Airports: Gaya, Patna, Ranchi, Jamshedpur

Places of Interest

Barauni: Industrial centre.
Bhagalpur: Silk centre.
Bodh Gaya: Buddhist pilgrim centre, Bodhi tree, Stupas, Museum, HIndu pilgrim centre, Lotus pond.
Darbhanga: Centre of Maithili culture and Handicrafts.
Gaya: Hindu pilgrim centre, Temples, nearby Stupas and Stupas and Buddhist caves.
Katihar: Major Rail Junction.
Mabhubani: Maithili culture centre and home of Madhuban paintings.
Maner: Muslim Pilgrim centre.
Muzaffarpur: Lichi orchard, Commercial town.
Nalanda: Ruins of Ancient Buddhist University, Museum, Buddhist Research Institute.
Bihar Sharif: Ancient Muslim Capital, Muslim pilgrim centre, Tombs.
Kundalpur: Jain pilgrim centre, Fort, Mineral springs, Spa, Hill station.
Rajgir Sanctuary: Variety of wildlife.
Swarajpur Baragon: Surya Temple, Hindu pilgrim centre.
Patna: Museums, Golghar, Granary, Mosques, Ruins of ancient Mauryan Pataliputra, Sikh pilgrim centre, Oriental Library, Ashram, Archaeological site, Hemispheric silo.
Vaishali: Ancient Capital, Buddhist and Jain pilgrim centre, Museums, Ashoka Pillar.

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